About Us

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My name is Stasia and I’m a wife, girl mom, daughter, and business owner. I create every piece you see in our shop in between family time, school duties, spending time with friends, helping out in our community and those wee hours of the night when all is peaceful and quiet. It’s a delicate balancing act and I’m grateful for it every single day and wouldn't change a thing.

But, it hasn’t always been this way…
I was blessed with my first daughter in  early 2003 and decided to go to cosmetology school that summer. After graduating from cosmetology school I in 2004 and I continued working in that field until 2007. After giving birth to my second daughter I became a stay at home mom. It was then that I got to really start advancing in designing things and helping make some promotional materials for different places and companies. After some life changing events I found myself working in restaurants mostly doing hospitality and management work while still doing special promotional things for businesses on the side and never letting people know what I had a true love and passion for. It was fun to design logos or brochures and have companies fall in love with my work. 
In 2013 I met my husband and got married. He was the first to know about my secret side job and he quickly realized how talented I was. He also realized that I had all kinds of technical knowledge of how to run equipment and knowledge of computers and operating systems for doing what I loved. He decided after our first anniversary that he was going to build me a shop and help me bring my secret passion to light. With his help and support Rabbit Hole Chaos was born.
He helped build my first location with a good friend and when he built it he thought it was all the space I would ever need. Well that quickly changed. I quickly out grew the space he built me but I wasn't ready to go into a bigger space yet because I wanted to spend as much time focusing on our kids as I could. However just like anything else in life come 2021 after our business surviving a pandemic and my first born getting ready to graduate high school I realized it was time to take a leap and move to an uptown space in our growing community. 
We have been welcomed into our growing community with open arms and it has been a very exciting ride! I love what I do!! I can't thank my husband enough for seeing the passion in my eyes and believing in me. He is still my biggest support everyday cheering me on and telling me I can do this. None of this would be possible without the support of my kids, parents, and friends as well. I have been very blessed with a great support system! 
To this day the best feeling in the world is when I get the message "OMG I love it" referring to whatever item it is we have made for them. I also love getting the message or when people walk in the shop and say "I don't know if this is even possible" and what I love telling them is nothing is impossible you just have to work with me. We have got to produce so many cool things and work with some great people. We help out other crafters to keep their business going because we believe in supporting others. I have got the pleasure of sharing my knowledge of things with my daughter and watching her start her own business accessories business. 
Now the name Rabbit Hole Chaos is one of the most asked questions I get. When I explain it most people go "ahhhhhh that makes sense". One of my favorite books/movies is Alice in Wonderland. Her adventure starts when she follows the white rabbit down a hole and from that moment on chaos ensues. Well I went down a rabbit hole and it has been beautiful chaos ever sense! I wouldn't trade it for anything. So that is how we got Rabbit Hole Chaos. 
Running a small business does not come without sacrifice whole lot of grit. While I’ve had many tearful nights over making tough business decisions and being thoroughly worn out, Rabbit Hole Chaos has stretched me in necessary ways. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. So please let us help you customize your world! 
Thank you for stopping by our site! Feel free to email us with any questions at Rabbitholechaos@gmail.com.
                                                              xoxo,  Stasia